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EVhype™: Changing Landscape of EV Ownership with an Interactive and Engaging Platform

With EVhype’s unique portal, users can easily find EV charging stations along any route, upload photos, and rate and share experiences with other EV owners.

Los Angeles, CA – EVhype is pleased to announce it is changing the landscape of EV ownership with its engaging and interactive social platform for EV owners.

EVhype is a company dedicated to providing an innovative and exciting social experience to EV owners and those looking to switch to an electric vehicle. Using its dedicated platform, users gain access to a host of valuable information for all electrified vehicles, including all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and fuel-cell vehicles.

“In 2021 alone, EV sales nearly doubled, with the total number of EV sales growing by 87.7% in 2021, compared to 2020*,” says the founder of EVhype, Rob Dillan. “By 2030, it is predicted that electric cars will take up more than 30% of all car sales* – a whopping number to say the least.”

To address this dramatically growing trend, EVhype works by collating critical information for sustainable transport enthusiasts in one, seamless platform. Through the portal, users can:

  • Find EV charging stations through a real-time, updated, and interactive map
  • Read reviews about EV charging stations from other users
  • Upload, edit, share photos, and rate their own experiences about EV charging stations
  • Read reviews and comparisons about various EV makes and models
  • Find educational materials about electric vehicles
  • Find industry news and updates
  • And much more

“We are hands-down the biggest and most exciting social platform for EV owners in the world,” Dillan states. “Because it is our mission to add phenomenal value by giving owners central access to all things EV, we are singlehandedly changing the landscape of EV ownership – in such a fun, yet trustworthy, way. We invite you to come and check us out and see what we have to offer.”

For more information about EVhype, or to join its exciting online community, please visit

About EVhype

EVhype was founded in 2021 with a mission to act as an easy-to-use centralized source for EV owners – and for those drivers who are doubting if a switch from ICE to EV is worth it.  The company is owned by Rob Dillan, who is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, EV enthusiast, and advocate for sustainable energy.

*source: US Bureau of Transportation Statistics,

Contact Information

 Rob Dillan

[email protected]