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Lucid Electric Vehicles

Lucid Motors is a new EV manufacturer headquartered in California. As they’re cranking out the future of luxury electric vehicles, we, the people, want to know what makes them different.

You supposedly get sporty, luxury, speed, and performance all in one! Are you willing to shell out the cash on one of their EV models? Let’s break down the essential features to find out!

What Are the Best Features of the Lucid Electric Vehicle

The newest electric luxury sedan on the block is the Lucid Air sedan. The car has impressively compact electric motors close to the drive wheels and a battery pack uniquely integrated into the floor.

The cabin has a very spacious feel to it. Apart from the range, the Lucid also offers style like the variety found in its roomy front trunk and traditional rear trunk.

Like the other electric cars in the class, it’s quiet, refined, and quick. You can choose from a few basic drive modes, smooth, swift, and sprint. Smooth mode is most likely the mode that you’ll use for day-to-day driving. The car has a lot of regenerative braking along with two intensity levels, and the steering is effortless and light to boot.

The comfortable interior and the vehicle’s agility make it a great choice alone. However, the car features massage seats and multiple other luxury options you can access with the push of a button.

Additionally, the infotainment system is encased in glass, giving a nice nuanced look. Lastly, the Lucid Dream Edition Performance model can go from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

How Long Does It Take the Lucid EV To Charge

The Lucid EV features a built-in Wunderbox battery charger with 900V+ architecture. Consequently, it’s the fastest EV charging system on the market, capable of 300 miles of charge in approximately 20 minutes.

The Lucid EV has a total capacity of 520 miles and DC quick charging. It can charge 80 percent of its 118.0-kWh battery pack in just 46 minutes.

If made to use a level 2 system, it will take approximately 13 hours to bring the Lucid Air to a full charge. A level 2 system describes a 240-volt station installed at home.

What’s more, the Lucid Air is compatible with virtually every public charging station. Shortly, it will also have bi-directional capabilities.

What Type of Plug Does the Lucid EV Use

This vehicle has a portable charging cable compatible with a NEMA 14-50 240-volt connection or a 120-volt outlet.

Most people find the standard outlet and its charging time too impractical. Also, 240-volt outlets are not available in most homes.


Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding Lucid electric vehicles:

1. Does Lucid have a fully electric car?

Yes, the Lucid Air is fully electric. However, the entry-level Air has a single motor that drives the rear wheels and has 480 horsepower. The remaining cars feature dual electric motors, making the car all-wheel drive with a different set of horsepower ratings.

2. Does Lucid have an electric SUV?

The Lucid Gravity is an all-electric luxury SUV scheduled for release in the summer of 2022.

3. How much will the Lucid EV cost?

The 2022 Lucid Air will range from $77,400 to $179,000, depending on your chosen model.

4. Which Lucid models are electric?

Lucid is a new company that produces electric vehicles. They have four EV models in their lineup:

  • Lucid Air Grand Touring
  • Lucid Air Dream Edition
  • Lucid Air Pure
  • Lucid Air Touring