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Electric Mercedes

Mercedes manufactures several electric vehicles, from sedans to small SUVs. They’re quiet vehicles that deliver a smooth ride and rapid acceleration. Understanding the basic information about electric cars will help you find the perfect vehicle for you.

How Does an Electric Mercedes Perform?

An electric Mercedes performs on par with other vehicles from the manufacturer. They go through the same safety tests as gas-powered varieties. Researchers drive them in extreme temperatures, so you know they’ll hold a charge and perform well in heat or cold.

Some electric vehicles do even better than gas-powered cars. They accelerate faster due to the mechanical power of the torque. Gas-powered cars lag when you accelerate from a full stop because it takes longer for the engine to react. Electric motors don’t have this problem.

The interior and exterior are just as luxurious as any Mercedes vehicle. You can watch video tours online to become familiar with the dashboard and included technology.

Where Can You Drive an Electric Mercedes?

Many people think that electric cars are only for driving short distances. While it’s true that one charge can get you all around the city during the day, you can still take your Mercedes electric vehicle on road trips.

Mercedes has a partnership with Electrify America. For the first two years you own an electric Mercedes, you’ll get complimentary charging sessions at any Electrify America location across the country. These have DC Fast Chargers, so a 30-minute charge can easily get you to your next destination.

How Many Miles Does an Electric Mercedes Drive?

On average, an electric Mercedes can drive 200 to 300 miles on a full charge. The Mercedes EQS sedan has a 107.8-kWh battery that gives it 329 horsepower and a driving range of 350 miles.

The Mercedes-AMG EQS has a bigger battery but still has a 350-mile driving range. Its horsepower ramps up to 751 due to the dual electric motors.

The Vision EQXX drove 626 miles without needing to charge, making it the best-performing electric vehicle currently on the market.

How Do You Charge an Electric Mercedes?

You can charge an electric Mercedes with a standard 110V outlet at home, but it will take longer. This kind of outlet provides Level 1 charging and only gives sufficient power if you leave it plugged in overnight. You’ll get up to 40 miles of range, which is plenty for short drives.

A 240V outlet is Level 2 charging. These are what you’d use for larger appliances, like dryers. If you charge your electric Mercedes overnight, you’ll get 180 miles of range. Drivers with longer commutes will want to use a 240V outlet.

If you don’t have a 240V outlet accessible for your car, you can have one installed by a licensed electrician. These are the outlets you’ll use in public charging stations, so it’s ideal for home use as well.

When you’re on the road, you can use the Mercedes me Connect app to find a charging system. That can be accessed on your vehicle’s dashboard or through your phone. The app offers other features as well, like remote start, vehicle location, and service data.

Mercedes installed a safety feature in the charger to ensure the car is completely connected before sending electricity through the cord. You can safely charge your car in wet conditions without worrying about shock.

The Mercedes EV also has regenerative braking. When you coast and tap the brake, it slows the car while pumping electricity back into the car’s battery. Coasting can extend the range of your charge while you’re on the go.


Want to know more about Mercedes electric vehicles? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Does Mercedes have a fully electric car?

Yes, Mercedes makes the EQS sedan that is fully electric. It can drive 350 miles on a full charge and has a glass screen dashboard. The manufacturer aims to release more fully electric vehicles over the next few years.

Does Mercedes have an electric SUV?

Yes, Mercedes revealed an EQS SUV as an upgrade for its EQS sedan. The electric SUV can seat seven passengers and comes with three trim levels. You can choose Premium, Exclusive, and Pinnacle. In addition, you can customize the screen size and get specific features.

How much will the Mercedes EV cost?

The Mercedes EQS sedan starts at $102,000, and the EQS SUV is priced at over $100,000 as well. However, with the Mercedes S-Class SUV costing over $111,000, the electric vehicle is the better deal in this situation.

Which Mercedes models are electric?

Mercedes has several electric models on the market or in development. They include the EQS sedan, Mercedes-AMG EQS car, and the Mercedes EQS SUV. Mercedes is also finalizing an EQE SUV that seats five passengers, ensuring they’re offering something for everyone.

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