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Mini EV

Electric Mini

Mini impacted the car industry when they introduced the stylish and compact Mini Cooper. People love them because the vehicles are easy to park and have a luxury but modern aesthetic.

Mini EV Models

The Mini manufacturers currently only offer one Mini electric vehicle. They have a hybrid option, the Countryman Plug-in Hybrid, which combines an electric motor with a conventional gas-powered engine, offering you the best of both worlds.

But if you want a completely electric-powered car, the only option from Mini is the Mini Electric Hardtop. The Hardtop is a beautiful model with impressive charging capabilities and idyllic comfort and driving.

Charging Time

Using a 50-kilowatt battery, you can charge the Mini Electric Hardtop up to 75% in just 30 minutes! However, a 100% charged Mini Electric Hardtop can only drive for about 110 miles before needing another charge.

This short span is a downside to the vehicle, but with more than 38,000 public charging stations, according to the AFDC, in America and more coming, it shouldn’t be much of an issue for most people.

Plug Type

The Mini electric vehicles feature a CCS or “combo” connector for DC fast charging. Standard charging uses a Type 2 plug that most people can use at home to charge the electric Mini. As a result, electric Minis are ideal for short drives rather than long road trips. Check out this video to learn how to charge your Mini!

The Look

The Mini Electric Hardtop has the same sleek and stylish look the Mini Cooper is known for. And with the release of the 2023 model, it has a cooler look than ever. It features bronze racing stripes on the hood and bronze accents in the grill for a lavish look.


While some of the newer driver-assistance features can be intrusive, telling you to keep your hands on the wheel and other annoying things, the vehicle offers an excellent driving experience. And with the low center of gravity, the Mini is more agile than ever before!


For answers to questions that people also ask, refer to the section below.

Does Mini have a fully electric car?

Mini does have a fully electric car, but they only have one. So compared to other manufacturers, they’re a bit behind in their transition to all-electric.

Does Mini have an electric SUV?

Unfortunately, Mini does not make an electric SUV. While many people want an electric SUV, and several are on the market, Mini specializes in compact vehicles.

Their EV lineup is no different, so they will likely continue using smaller models and leave the SUVs to the other manufacturers.

How much will the Mini EV cost?

The starting price for the Mini electric vehicle is just over $34,000, making it one of the more affordable electric vehicles available today. However, adding all the bells and whistles to your car can increase the price to almost $40,000.

Which Mini models are electric?

The only Mini vehicle which is fully electric is the Mini Electric Hardtop.