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Nissan EV

Nissan Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and Nissan isn’t far behind in the pack of leading EVs. Since Nissan first released the Nissan LEAF, their first electric car, the company has continuously moved towards newer and more innovative vehicles.

Nissan’s newest EV has yet to be released, but the 2023 Nissan Ariya will be one of the highlight releases in the upcoming year.

To understand Nissan’s Electric Vehicles, we must understand EVs and why they’re becoming increasingly popular.

What Are the Benefits of EVs?

Amongst the many benefits that accompany electric cars, a few stand out as the overall best.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, not only do EVs save you money, but they are overall more convenient. Instead of stopping for gas, you can charge at home, and oil becomes less of an issue for you and the world.

How Do You Charge A Nissan EV?

Nissan’s EVs require a plug-in charger before hitting the road. Nissan’s LEAF has specific charging instructions, and most electric cars follow a similar regimen.

The most important part of this step is making sure your EV is off before charging. The rest is self-explanatory with opening the cap, plugging in the charger, and letting it rest.

According to Nissan, there are different chargers out there for various reasons. Depending on which one you use will charge your vehicle faster or slower. Having an at-home charger may be more convenient, but there are still additional charges that come with it.

It depends on what charger you’re using, but charging typically takes 7 to 9 hours.

What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions?

There are several questions that most new Nissan EV drivers ask.

Does Nissan have a fully electric car?

Yes. Nissan came out with the Nissan LEAF, a fully electric vehicle.

Does Nissan have an electric SUV?

The Nissan Ariya, set to release in 2023, is an SUV, which is the only fully electric SUV Nissan will have released, but it is set to be a popular car for the year.

How much will the Nissan EV cost?

Prices vary depending on the year the EV is from. The newest Nissan LEAF falls between twenty thousand and forty thousand. The latest Nissan EV SUV set to be released will be more expensive, somewhere between forty thousand and seventy thousand.

Which Nissan models are electric?

There are only two Nissan EV models, the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan Ariya. The Ariya has yet to be released, but the LEAF is a popular vehicle that has evolved over the past ten or so years.

Are There Any Good Reviews of the Latest Nissan LEAF?

There are, and the following video from youtube is a 2021 Nissan Leaf Review. This video goes over the latest LEAF released by Nissan and whether it is still a good purchase.

If you’re unsure, wait for the Nissan Ariya to come out.