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Rivian EV

Rivian EVs

When you want to find a company that works exclusively in electric vehicles, look no further than Rivian. The automotive company based in Irvine, California, was founded in 2009 to create electric vehicles.

Rivian Automotive, Inc. builds electric SUVs, commercial vans, and pickup trucks. With a production facility in Normal, Illinois, Rivian produces lines of electric vehicles of high-quality steel and aluminum.

Committed to the idea that preserving nature is of the highest priority. Rivian continues to make sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles. Their primary goal has remained the same since 2009. That is to keep the world for future generations.

Does Rivian Have Electric Vehicles?

Rivian is creating a whole lineup of electric vehicles that serve all manner of everyday uses. Vehicles from Rivian are designed for off-roading capabilities and towing.

Currently available Rivian electric vehicles include:

  • R1T truck
  • R1S SUV
  • Electric delivery van

The R1T EV truck produces significant horsepower and towing power. With a projected range between 230 and 400 miles depending on the battery size.

The R1S SUV is the first of its kind from Rivian. The R1S has about 91 percent shared components with the R1T.

Rivian’s electric delivery van represented the company’s first excursion into commercial agreements. According to Alan Ohnsman of Forbe’s Magazine, Rivian is helping the shipping giant Amazon reach its goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2030.

How Do Rivian Electric Vehicles Perform?

Electric vehicles from Rivian have undergone extensive third-party testing to determine their quality and performance. Edmunds Cars tested the Rivian R1T with 831 horsepower. And it found that it handles well in most conditions.

The Rivian R1T might not be the next work truck for towing and hauling. But it certainly performs well for adventurers and off-roaders.

The R1S SUV from Rivian also promises extensive off-roading potential with exceptional ground clearance. Rivian claims that the SUV will have a 0-60 acceleration of three seconds and a driving range of over 300 miles.

The performance of EVs from Rivian looks to be some of the highest quality in the realm of electric vehicles. With high mileage capacity on a single charge and exceptional acceleration power, these vehicles outperform most other EV options.

How Does Recharging Work With the Rivian Electric?

The fastest way to recharge your Rivian EVs is with the at-home charging kit that Rivian produces specifically for Rivian electric vehicles.

You can also recharge your Rivian EV at designated electric vehicle charging stations. There is more limited capacity, and it takes longer to recharge at a station.

Rivian announced a new DC fast-charging network that would connect Rivian drivers to the world around them with convenient charging stations across the United States.

At Rivian’s new Adventure Chargers, you can pull up and plug in for seamless charging to begin. The system will walk you through the process. Including a digital indication when charging is complete.

How Does the Interior of the Rivian Electric Look?

Rivian promises to release efficient, sustainable, stylish electric vehicles.

Rivian interiors are made of 100% vegan materials with various colors available. The luxury of electric vehicles is unquestionable, and the comfort level matches.

Combining comfort and luxury makes the Rivian electric vehicle a quality product that rivals luxury brands everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some burning questions about Rivian Electric.

Does Rivian have a fully electric car?

Rivian vehicles are all fully electric. The company came into being to create 100% sustainable automobiles. Particularly trucks and SUVs, that compete with leading brands for performance and efficiency.

Does Rivian have an electric SUV?

Rivian does have an electric SUV. The R1S is a fully electric SUV designed for city driving, off-roading, and all weather conditions.

The R1S can get up to 320 miles on a single charge depending on the battery pack. Highly efficient and made for any terrain, this electric SUV can tow up to 7000 pounds.

Rivian’s R1S is designed for sport and utility. It can rock crawl at a 100% grade while handling like the finest luxury vehicle.

How much will the Rivian EV cost?

Because Rivian is almost a luxury brand of electric vehicles, the price is a little higher than other electric vehicles out there.

For the R1T electric pickup truck, the starting cost is $67,500. The R1T comes with a comprehensive five-year or 60,000-mile warranty. With coinciding warranties on the battery pack, drivetrain, and corrosion.

The R1S electric SUV has a starting cost of $72,500. The SUV has the same warranties and features vegan leather and a panoramic roof.

Which Rivian models are electric?

Rivian makes entirely electric vehicles. Each model produced by Rivian is an electric vehicle. They have two cars thus far, the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV, and both are electric.