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Canoo EV

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

The automotive industry is changing. Electric vehicles are leading the way to a green future, with more and more companies jumping on board with their electric vehicles. Some companies only make electric vehicles. One such company is Canoo.

What is the Canoo Electric Vehicle?

Canoo is a startup on a mission to bring electric vehicles to everyone. The company has offices in California, Texas, and Michigan and has pioneered a unique design system, technological framework, and business model that supports all vehicle owners.

Canoo makes a range of electric vehicles, from the Lifestyle Vehicle, aimed at families and city dwellers, to the multi-purpose delivery vehicle, aimed at businesses with cargo-carrying needs. The company also makes a modular platform that can provide the framework for any style of electric vehicle.

How Do You Charge a Canoo EV?

The Canoo Lifestyle electric vehicle runs on Panasonic cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. All battery packs will be either 60 kWh or 80 kWh. Canoo has also mentioned the possibility of an entry-level 40 kWh battery pack.

The batteries are structurally integrated into the car’s platform, making the car about 90lbs lighter and increasing the vehicle’s structural integrity. The batteries are about 400 volts and will take about 28 minutes to charge up to 80%.

Is Canoo Going Out of Business?

As cool as the Canoo electric vehicle options sound, some customers are worried that they might never get to own one. In early 2022, the startup announced that it is running out of money.

Despite having pre-orders worth up to $750 million, the company lost almost $125 million during the first three months of 2022, and at the current rate, it anticipates that it could run out of money as soon as August.

Fortunately, the company does not anticipate that this means the end. The company announced that it has plenty of experience raising funds in difficult climates. It plans to continue raising funds as needed to begin the production of its Lifestyle vehicle this year.


Does Canoo Have a Fully Electric Car?

Yes. All of Canoo’s vehicles are fully electric. The vehicles are entirely modular, based on the company’s proprietary electric Canoo platform, which allows any style of Canoo EV to be built on top of it.

Does Canoo Have An Electric SUV?

Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle is the closest thing the company offers to an SUV. It is a fully electric minivan that can be used either as a people carrier or cargo carrier. Canoo targets this car at families and young professionals who are looking for a flexible car to take them from soccer practice to camping and everything in between.

How Much Will the Canoo EV Cost?

The Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is projected to have a base cost of between $34,750 and $49,950 for Delivery, Base, and Premium models. This price does not include add-ons, incentives, or optional equipment.

Which Canoo Models Are Electric?

All Canoo models are electric. Currently, the company has three models available for pre-order: the Lifestyle Vehicle, a pickup truck, and a multi-purpose delivery vehicle. NASA has also contracted Canoo to provide electric vehicles for the next lunar landing.

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